Boxwood or Buxus is a genus of 70 species and has become a traditional standby in landscapes because it is so versatile; can be used in a wide variety of landscape applications. Boxwood shrubs are often planted in foundation plantings because of their unique growth pattern and dense foliage. These shrubs can be grown alone or with other plants to beautify any area. Landscapers often choose Boxwoods to enclose certain areas or separate one space from other. The tiny foliage, along with the dense texture, provides an excellent opportunity to shape these shrubs into beautiful forms and patterns. Generally, boxwood shrubs are used to make hedges and garden borders.

Boxwoods grow in full sun, but prefer partial shade, and selecting a site that fits these requirements is important. During its growing phase, the boxwood needs frequent watering; adding a layer of mulch will help retain the soil moisture and keep it cool. All dead and diseased branches should be removed. Some pruning must be done, however, to give shape and promote growth. Because of the various foliage colors and growth habits of this shrub there are many sizes and color schemes to choose from.

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American Boxwood

Landscape Notes: Common American Boxwood, Buxus sempervirens is somewhat formal in nature due to its global habit of growth. It is still a popular...
American Boxwood $45.00

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'Baby Gem' Boxwood

Landscape Notes: ‘Baby Gem’ Boxwood, Buxus microphylla ‘Gregem’, adds a year round interest into the landscape with its green leaves. Its...
'Baby Gem' Boxwood $58.00


Green Gem Boxwood

Landscape Notes: Green Gem boxwood can be used in a mass or as an edging or border plant. It is useful or bordering flower beds, planting beds, lawn...
Green Gem Boxwood $48.00


Variegated Boxwood

Landscape Notes: Variegated boxwood can be used for formal hedges and foundation plantings. It has dark green leaves that are surrounded by an...
Variegated Boxwood $45.00

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Winter Gem Boxwood

Landscape Notes: ‘Winter Gem’ Boxwood, Buxus microphylla is more formal than most plants, and are symmetrical in habit with a fine texture. Used...
Winter Gem Boxwood $21.00

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'Wintergreen' Boxwood

Landscape Notes: ‘Wintergreen’ Boxwood, Buxus microphylla var. japonica are more formal than most plants, as they are symmetrical in habit and...
'Wintergreen' Boxwood $21.00

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