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Cherry Dazzle Dwarf Red Crape Myrtle

Landscape Notes: “Cherry Dazzle” Crape Myrtle, Lagerstroemia indica is an easy to grow to plant. It thrives in well drained conditions and can...
Cherry Dazzle Dwarf Red Crape Myrtle $45.00

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Infinitini Brite Pink Crepemyrtle

Landscape Notes: Infinitini Brite Pink Crepemyrtle is a compact shrub that reblooms from summer down into fall. It produces clusters of bright pink...
Infinitini Brite Pink Crepemyrtle $45.00


Infinitini Purple Crepemyrtle

Landscape Notes: Infinitini Purple Crepemyrtle is a low growing plant that produces the brightest purple flowers. The clusters of purple flowers...
Infinitini Purple Crepemyrtle $45.00

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Infinitini White Crepemyrtle

Landscape Notes: Infinitini White Crepemyrtle produces clusters of white blossoms that are accentuated by the dark green foliage. It begins flowering...
Infinitini White Crepemyrtle $45.00


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