'Frostproof' Gardenia is a wonderful addition to an entryway or patio to provide a distinct fragrance. It provides this fragrance from May well into June just in time for those early summer outdoor activities. Enjoy Gardenia both inside and outside your home by bringing trimmed branches inside for fragrant, fresh floral arrangements.

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'Frostproof' Gardenia

Landscape Notes: ’Frostproof’ Gardenia, Gardenia jasminoides, has an attractive foliage and large white, fragrant flowers. Distinctive fragrance...
'Frostproof' Gardenia $45.00


Kleim's Gardenia

Landscape Notes: ’Kleim’s’ Gardenia, Gardenia jasminiodes, is a beautiful dwarf shrub. It has many uses in the garden, but is especially useful...
Kleim's Gardenia $45.00

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'Steady as She Goes' Gardenia

Landscape Notes: Get the best of both worlds with Steady as She Goes' Gardenia. this plant has both heat and cold tolerance in one. It keeps blooming...
'Steady as She Goes' Gardenia $45.00

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