Blooming Perennials

Blooming perennials are a great way to add color to your landscape. Between the color of their blooms and the color of their foliage they are a great way to add color throughout the spring and fall. Order your blooming perennials from Silver Lake Garden Center and we'll ship high quality, container-grown, fully rooted, nursery and garden center grade plants to your front door that are ready to plant and thrive - Guaranteed!

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'Black Pearl' Heuchera Coral Bells

Landscape Notes: ‘Black Pearl’ Heuchera, Heuchera villosa, has scalloped jet black leaves that have a rosy purple underside. When it blooms it...
'Black Pearl' Heuchera Coral Bells $18.00

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'Goblin' Gaillardia Blanket Flower

Landscape Notes: ‘Goblin’ Blanket Flower, Gaillardia x grandiflora are loosely upright to sprawling perennials with coarse blue-gray foliage at...
'Goblin' Gaillardia Blanket Flower $11.00

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'May Night' Salvia

Landscape Notes: ‘May Night’ Salvia, Salvia x superba is one of the showiest and longest blooming of cold hardy Salvia. Its indigo blue flowers...
'May Night' Salvia $11.00


Dianthus, Pinks

Landscape Notes: Dianthus or Pinks are an old-fashioned favorite, ideal for the cottage garden, the rock garden, or border front. They have small,...
Dianthus, Pinks $28.00

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Dwarf Stars Delphinium

Landscape Notes: Dwarf Stars Delphinium is a truly dwarf Delphinium for landscapes. It never needs staking and can be grown near the front or middle...
Dwarf Stars Delphinium $11.00


Early Sunrise Tickseed

Landscape Notes: Early Sunrise Tickseed is a great plant to use for perennial borders, naturalized areas, meadows, prairies, and cottage gardens....
Early Sunrise Tickseed $11.00


Flamenco Red Hot Poker

Landscape Notes: Flamenco Red Hot Poker brightens a landscape with 8 inch spike of brilliant flowers. With its combination of orange, fiery-red, and...
Flamenco Red Hot Poker $17.00


Foxglove Digitalis

Landscape Notes: Foxglove is a charming, statuesque plant with colorful, bell-shaped flowers for woodland gardens. It is perfect for informal gardens...
Foxglove Digitalis $28.00


Munstead English Lavender

Landscape Notes: Munstead English Lavender is a clump-forming plant with gray foliage. It produces blue-violet flowers that is fragrant as well as...
Munstead English Lavender $11.00


Palace Purple Coral Bells

Landscape Notes: ‘Palace Purple’ Coral Bells, Heuchera x hybrida is loved for its tiny, wiry-stemmed blooms. They grow in clumps at a moderate...
Palace Purple Coral Bells $11.00


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